About User Pathways

Originally a blog launched in 2007, User Pathways primarily focused on Information Architecture and the work around what I think as systems and design thinking. Aside from digital product design as a focus, design leadership is very much in my background.

My thesis was focused on the management of an internal design studio at one of the largest publishers in the world. After receiving an MA in Design Practice, I looked further afield for a place where design thinking and design practice would live as harmoniously as is possible.

Through my wife (who is Danish), I was introduced to Copenhagen and Scandinavian design - the epitome of both form and function, thought and action.

10 years ago I moved to Copenhagen and worked solely for Hello Group. We were acquired in 2017 by The North Alliance. Now at NoA we pick up from where Hello Group left off. Our aim is to create the most impressive Product and Service Design company, alongside creative technology and marketing services.

My personal journey has led me to DesignOps;

  • Systems thinking and organisational design on a corporate level - via innovation methods and design systems

  • Scaling of design teams, recruitment, training and retention of talent

  • Maintaining quality in design practice within agile environments, alongside developers and product managers

This year (2019) with three friends i have started DesignOps Denmark where the focus is strengthening the Danish design community and providing a forum to address the issues of DesignOps for organisations of all types and sizes.

Apart from these interests I am very much a practicing designer - which is why Work is the focus of the site (and not the blog). I am very conscious that the last few years kept me from my core craft. Though management of people has been enjoyable, my passion is in the making.

Hope you enjoy looking around and follow me here
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